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Norma Holt
Canberra, Australia

Phone: (612) 62315398


an imageLorem Norma Holt put her first web site on line in 1996 and has been building web sites ever since. Now she is concentrating on serving the small business community, no matter the location, and will build you a presence on the web for a very reasonable price

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Company Highlights

December, 2008
Launched our latest project - an online shop that may grow to outdo e-bay. Sop Online here for the latest in fashion, software, home decor, gifts, education and business assists, art, photography, music, and so on. You will be astounded by the variety and innovation offered here in some of the products.

Aug, 2008
Launched web build site. This site aims to help anyone get online by building their own site or having the Company do it for them. This site also offers software and linkf to affiliate program to help would be marketers find products to sell, ths, starting their own business.

If You don't Have a Web Presence You Cannot Be Seen, Quids Biz will set you up in style. You can be online in 48 hours or less. Contact us right now for a quote. We are standing by to take your order.

We offer extensive support to maintain your site and update it if and when necessary. We will also help oyu overcome hurldes you may face in understanding how to use the Internet. We can provide you with help to select an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to register a domain name, and selct the right host for your site.

Quids-Biz aims to help your business grow and the more information you can provide the better the site is that we can do for you. Remember, however, that simple is best. Your customer need to know what you are about in a hurry or they will simple click over to the next one.

Think of all the relevant 'keywords' that people mught type in the search bar to find you. This will help yoour site get traffic from anyone searching for your services. Only you know your business and can provide this information so think hard and come up with as many terms as you can.